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foodpanda - pandas'pets


Vii ❋

During the challenging period of working from home, Praew found solace and inspiration in the comforting presence of her pet rabbit, Kumo. As she went through the demands of remote work, Kumo's playful antics and gentle companionship provided a much-needed break and stress relief. Amid design branding projects, Kumo became her silent collaborator, hopping around the room, offering a delightful distraction that sparked bursts of creativity. The rhythmic thump of Kumo's paws on the floor seemed to echo the heartbeat of inspiration, leading Praew to conceptualize unique and innovative design ideas. Together, Praew and Kumo formed an inseparable team, turning the challenges of working from home into a period of creativity, companionship, and shared accomplishments.

Praew & Kumo - 2023

Meet Patcha and her trio of furry heroes – three dogs that turned the work-from-home struggle into a daily dose of joy. From the time these pups were tiny, Patcha and her dogs formed an unbreakable bond. Now, during those tough work hours at home, their wagging tails and playful antics bring a smile to Patcha's face, turning stress into laughter. These dogs, who were once just little furballs, have grown into loyal companions, sharing a deep connection that goes beyond words. Together, Patcha and her canine crew have turned the home office into a haven of happiness, making every workday a tail-wagging success.

Patcha & her heroes - 2023

Peng and her cat, Orpheus, are like two peas in a pod during the work-from-home hustle. As Peng tackles her daily tasks, Orpheus is right there, providing a purr-fect mix of comfort and companionship. Surprisingly, they share a striking similarity in personalities – both independent yet loving, navigating the remote work world with a shared sense of calm. When deadlines loom, Orpheus offers a distraction, reminding Peng to take breaks and enjoy the little moments. Together, this dynamic duo has turned the work-from-home routine into a symphony of productivity and feline charm.

Peng & Orpheus - 2023